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M & N Samurai is a sports facilitator and an international resource for professional development, continuing education, career growth, and connections creator with successful professionals in sports. We offer a high-quality education program designed to provide the best in cached and footballers careers.

M&N Samurai has certified in planning and consultancy services. Our scope covers both domestic and international services and our services include the provision of domestic and overseas training camps for players, provision of coaching education, organization and coordination of football clubs, and assistance of players for overseas teams for visitation and for international matches. others to include;

    • Sports Promotion
    • Planning and consultancy for domestic and overseas training camps
    • for international matches
    • travel agency and assistance for overseas teams visiting Pre-Session for international matches.
    • Players’ agency.
    • Athlete and sporting talent management
    • Consultancy for construction and operation of sports facilities
    • Consultancy for sports club operation
    • Planning and operation of sporting tournaments
    • Sports Equipment
    • Coaching Education

     Football Club

    • Sports Consultant 
Athlete & Manager Representation Branding
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Financial Services
 Sponsorship & Endorsements, Sports Marketing
    • Career planning for top athletes’ retirement/contract/transfer negotiation
    • Top athlete’s portrait right management (Advertisement · Media appearance management · Brand contract management etc.)
    • Contract of foreign top athletes and director · coach · negotiation business etc.
    • Advertising agency
      Interpretation & coordination work for football trips, and studying abroad.