Introduction Course


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The course has elements of UEFA License with the primary focus on:
• Insight in the Game and what is Training.
• How is it to influence the Training / Players and also the Game.
• Overall improvement of the level of the player in his specific performance.
• Analyzing training/ players and games to differentiate player(s) (especially the analysis of Pro-matches and special topics are in the highest level).

Participants in this course will receive a ‘ Certificate’.

Participants Requirement:
• Experience as a player
• A minimum level of coaching (youth) teams
• Knowledge of football  coaching
• Be physically fit for practice sessions
• Be fluent in the English language and be able to execute training sessions in English.

The instructors are appointed by the KNVB Academy. They will stay with the group throughout the course and do practice sessions on special topics such as Characteristics of Dutch Football, Pressure Football, Counter Football, Conditioning, Match Analysis, and Goalkeeping.