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Coach Olatunji Explains The Importance Of Grassroot Football

By Sampson Adedeji 


Coach Femi Benjamin Olatunji

As the Nigeria’s underage teams continue to struggle at various age grade competitions, Coach Femi Benjamin Olatunji has explained the reason why its so.

While speaking on virtual coaching lecture organised by Bolarinwa Obalola aka Kobayashi under the auspices of Osun Grassroots Football Coaching Education, he said any country that neglected its grassroot will surely pay for it.

” The name said it all, grassroot, grass is not on the top but under and for anything in life to be built there should be a foundation and the foundations of football at any level start from the grassroot. 

If the rightly administer or if we don’t introduce proper developmental programm  it will affect our national team and professional leagues. 

Grassroot is the root of everything, if we lay a good ground for our athletes it will be easier for them to become successful on and off the field.

Even if they don’t play football to a professional level, the kind of grassroot they’ve attended will make them a better person in future.

So grassroot is important and it worth paying good attention to by any federations,” he explained.

At the end of the lecture, Kobayashi appreciates the coach for answering their calls and for the way he did justice to the lecture.