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Coach Olokigbe Explains Qualities Of A Good Player

By Sampson Adedeji 

Oyo State Grassroot Coaching Education under the auspices of Obalola Bolarinwa also known as Kobayashi continued its quest to foster development soccer at the Grassroot. 

In order to achieve this measure various coaches of international repute has been hosted on its platform to share in their wealth of experience for the upcoming coaches. 

Latest gaffer to be hosted is Coach Tunde Olokigbe who was trained internationally and has worked with Chelsea Academy in Hongkong 

During his delivery he clearly explained what a coach should look out for in a young and up coming player.

“I look for commitment in a player, if he’s coachable and ready to give his all.

When you have this kind of player is easy for you to transform him to any player you want him to be because if a player is not committed but has talents, sooner or later the talent will fail because is not ready to go extra mile.

So the commitment really matter the passion in that player and is that player coachable and then the mindset which is more of psychological aspect .

If a player is in this category, I tell you is better than player that has good talents, skilful but not having a mindset, is not passionate and discipline and not determined, he only feel I got this no, because sooner or later the talents will fail if there is no commitment,” he explained.

Organiser of the event, Kobayashi took his time to appreciate the coach for his time and hope he will answer them anytime they came calling again.