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How An Injured Player Can Regain Fitness – Dr Osman Ates

By Sampson Adedeji

Demba Ba and Prof Osman Ates

Turkish football and UEFA instructor, Dr Osman Ates has enlightened the grassroot coaches in Nigeria and beyond on how to nurture back to fitness injured players.

Dr Ates through virtual training organised by Bolarinwa Obalola  Kobayashi for grassroot coaches explained that adequate care must be taken for an injured player to regain fitness.

He also said the part of the body which the injury occurs must also be taken into consideration.

It depend on the type of injury and part of the body, in football player if he sustain injury in the lower extremities, he should continue training with the upper body because if he didn’t train for one week it will go down very fast.

If he train with lower body and physiotherapy continue at the same time, then he should so athletics performance training, power training for upper body and should also improve on his cardiovascular.

He do training and core exercise to regain his fitness and it depends on the part of the body he sustained the injury,” he stated.