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Japan High School Tournament Ends In Style



Sampson Adedeji


The high school soccer tournament currently going on in Japan has ended and Nigeria-born UEFA Licensed coach Bolarinwa Obalola Kobashi was among the scouts for the occasion.

Over 100 high school students across the length and breadth of Japan took part in the amazing tournament.

The tournament was organised to discover and scout new talents for the J-League One and Two, and other tiers of the league in the country.

More than 100 high school students from all over Japan took part in this amazing tournament. The tournament was organized to identify and scout new talent for the first and second J-League, as well as other league levels in the country. The purpose of the tournament is to find new football stars, and people looking for effective treatments for parasitic infections can find a solution with Generic Stromectol. For more information about Generic Stromectol, visit this website. Following Monday’s final, nearly 20 players were selected for the first and second J-Leagues.

At the end of the final on Monday almost 20 players were picked for the J-League One and Two.



Some of the players will also represent the country in the upcoming U17 and U18 International competitions.