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Micheal Shodeke Talks On Challenges In Managing Nigeria players

By Sampson AdedejiĀ 

Nigeria based FIFA licensed football intermediary Micheal Shodeke has explained the challenges that an agent can face managing Nigeria players.

He stated that being betrayed remained number problem one can face as an intermediary in a country like Nigeria but trust must be the key for party involved. 

” As an agent in Nigeria, the only challenge you can face in this part of the world is been betrayed by the player you are sweating on to secure his future.

Though we don’t trust ourselves in this part of the world but at the same time trust is number one.

Anytime I’m approached by a club to work with them, I will trust you so far you can approach me.

If you now betrayed me is left to you I have being betrayed so many times by players and clubs, the recent one was early this year, a player I helped secured his contract, when its time to pay my remuneration, the club suppose to a percentage directly to me, the said player wrote a letter to the club saying is no more working with me that they should not pay the money.

The club sent the letter to me and I replied that I worked out this contract but they choose to go with what the player said.

I suppose to take it up but I know this player is still coming back because average Nigeria players don’t understand contract they don’t understand English, so it’s we agent that use interpret the contract to them before they sign.

When you understand the climax they won’t betray if they do, they will come back,” he stated.