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NLO Youth League: M & N FC, Remo Comets Ends In Draw

Sampson Adedeji

The Sagamu Centre of the 2023 NLO U19 Youth League kick off on Saturday and one of the toughest games in the competition was played between M & N FC and Remo Comets.



The game started slowly with both teams trying to look for opportunities to seize the initiative of the game.Towards the tail end of the first half, Remo took over the game and dominated but failed to convert their chances.M&N FC show more improvement in the second half and the introduction of Aliu swung the game in favour of the Samurai boys.

Suraj almost break the deadlock for M & N but the timely intervention of the Remo goalkeeper denied him the opening goal.Despite struggling earlier in the game, M & N goalkeeper Sarumi Afis produced one of the most spectacular saves of the and ensured the game ended in a goalless draw.

M & N FC will confront Custom FC on Sunday in their second game in a game they must win.