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By Sampson Adedeji

Former Nigeria’s Super Eagles assistant coach Imama Amapakabo has stated that the only to football development in the country is for everyone to embrace football coaching education.

Despite producing young talents for every underage teams in the country, Nigeria as country is yet to full utilised the opportunities that are within the grassroot.

Former Enugu Rangers coach while speaking on the platform of Oyo State Grassroot Football Coaching Education ( OSGFCE) explained that the country is blessed with raw materials but coaches at the grassroot must annexed the talents together.

” “The development of football is in the hand of coaching education, I think it’s key and very important to start developing coaches.

Truth must also be told just like in most profession like medicine, engineering etc, coaches must find their pact, as a grassroot coach, you must know if you are a goalkeeper coach or physical trainer, you must just know the pact of coaching you want to venture into and stick there and develop yourself.

I think for us to be able to take our football to the next level, we just must start serious coaching education because the raw materials are there but we need to nurture them rightly from the cradle.

Once you choose to make coaching a profession, you should know that you have signed up for arguably the worst job on planet because our job is all comers affair, where everybody is a coach and know more than you.

So you should be prepared the day you were given an appointment letter same day you should also write a sack letter for yourself.

If you want to be a coach then, you should be like a grade digger everyday you know that you are going down the day you play win you dig hundreds shovels and same the day you lose.

No matter how successful you are definitely people will take it at you sometime, so you must be prepared to face it.

Most important thing you must find balance for yourself, do the things that are right, stick to your believe and stick to your decisions because you are the only person that is answerable to yourself.

Failure and success depends on what your decisions are, all your decisions must be spot on even if your decisions is not right you must be able to stand tall and say yes, I took the decisions with all honest and I did it with all sincerity.

Every player should be your player, don’t have favorite player but look up to people that always five you results because results is key and you should be positive about getting this results,” he explained.

The soft-spoken gaffer is back in the Nigeria Professional Football League with Abia Warrior following his appointment few months bac