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By Sampson Adedeji 

South America based football agent has highlighted the problem in the scouting young talented Nigeria players.

He emphasised on the insincerity and dishonesty on the part of players that is militating against them securing a good move abroad. 

” Scouting Nigeria Players Is a bit challenging because I started being a scouting and soccer agent in Dubai, though I worked with Nigeria players but those ones has the experience of how to pass trials and go about it when you are playing outside Nigeria, so is not really difficult for me.

This year when I came back to Nigeria, i faced a lot of challenges scouting Nigeria players especially up coming talents.

One of the challenges is that most players are not honest with soccer agent, they will have someone as their representative but they will not come out straight to the agent that really want to manage them and put them out there to the world.

They will tell you that they don’t have anybody working with them at the end of the day when I finally get a job for them outside Nigeria, someone else will come up and they will be trying to create problem.

Some will have injuries and they won’t tell you that have injury when you start working for them to go out , that is when you will discover he has problem and it’s not been encouraging. 

I will try and encourage Nigeria players to be honest, no hanky panky because this business, tell the agent what he need to know and he will give you best,” he concluded.