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SOGFCE Retired FIFA Referee Explains How Win The Heart Of A Referee In  A Match To Grassroot Coaches

By Sampson Adedeji

The facilitators of the State of Osun Grassroot Football Coaching Coach Bolarinwa  Obalola otherwise known as Kobayashi, Coach Leke  continue to their hard work in order to ensure the growth and development of football at all levels in Osun .

The pair  moved ahead in their sojourn as they established the Osun State arm of the football education and it’s called State of Osun Grassroots Football Coaching Education  ( SOGFCE).

The organisers caught a big fish in its first virtual training and lecture they staged in person of Retired FIFA Badged Referee and Former Oyo State house member, Hon. Olaniyi Babatunde David ( Akoro).

The retired referee in his teaching explained to the coaches on how to win the heart of referee.

” if you want to win the heart of a referee is not by fighting the referee, your approach to referee matters either before or after the game. 

A particular referee that you have humiliated either at your home match, you may eventually go and meet him or her at your away match, so whatever decisions or conditions after a game you make sure you create friendly atmosphere with the referee. 

You may meet and  discussed with the referee at any other meeting but if you take referee to be your enemy, remember referee are connected, you are going to have multiple referees that may not be your friend. 

So the best you can do is , in some cases they will do something that will please you and vice versa, remember they are equally human and nobody is perfect.

Which ever way it comes, make sure you have a good relationship with referee,” he stated.

He further explained the role of the team captain

” Captain is like the role arrow head of the team and At a very particular time, if there us question, he needs to lodge a complain and with dignity he will approach the referee.

If a captain is complaining, referee will give honour to him or her because is talking on behalf of the team. 

And if team officials too want to pass instruction, he won’t call the whole team but the captain and give the information.

So having a captain that is very knowledgeable and reasonable is as good as picking an arrow head for that particular match”, he said.

The organisers applauded the retired referee for honouring their invitations and the way he went about delivering the lecture.

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