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South America Based Agent Describe How Scouting Of Football Players Can Be

By Sampson Adedeji 

As Nigeria continued to search for good and talented players both within and outside the country South America Based football agent Bolarinwa Abimbola has described how tough the job can be.

The founder of Missa Sport promotion who been on the job for more than a decade further said the players themselves make the job extremely difficult  through their attitudes. 

” Scouting a good players is very tough job, you might scout a player now is on his best and good day when you saw him, but you might want to further confirm if he’s really a good player you wanted .

Then you fixed him for another game, you will find out that what you saw the first day is not what you are seeing in the second day, so is really difficult. 

Some players will have injury and they won’t tell or you wont know until you put them through a very difficult task before you know.

Even with South America players is not so ash but it still difficult a little bit but thank God everything is working fine.

Scouting job is difficult but when you see a good player the first game, second game you will know that this one is perfect for my liking and I’m ready to work with him,” he said.

Bolarinwa is among the intending soccer agent that will grace the upcoming scouting program organised M &N F.C that will commence soonest.