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Turkish Sports Professor Expantiate On Essence Of Strength Training

By Sampson Adedeji


Grassroot Coaches in Nigeria and beyond continue their all round development training on Thursday as Turkish Football instructor Dr Osman Ates took them through another round of training programs.

Japan’s based Bolarinwa Obalola Kobayashi has been in forefront recently in ensuring that Grassroot Coaches in Oyo, Osun, Ogun and beyond are expanding their horizon in terms of modern day training programs and technics.

UEFA instructor and Athletics performance trainer, Dr Ates on Thursday explained to their coaches through virtual training that every football player require strength training to be able to carry out set objectives.

He further explained that without strength there is high risk of injury to any player that lacked strength.

Benefit of strength training:

If you talk about strength in football is very important because the intensity of the game has increased a lot in the last decade.

Speed, acceleration etc all of them depends on strength and behind this power and pace should be included.

If a player lack strength there is high risk of injury and basic movement and direction will not improve.

Football player need speed power, there is power option as well just like strength, so we should determine type if strength you need and I can I plan it’s training .

Power, strength etc are very important and days before the match are also important,” he explained.

Coaches across Nigeria and beyond hooked up to virtual training and organiser Kobayashi Obalola thanked the lecture for proper delivery of the lecture.